Who We Are






With over fifty years of collective experience in the tourism sector, this dynamic team of three friends has one thing in common which is the perfect love for all things Jamaican. Jamaica’s vast and varied beauty, the culture, food, language and the people has motivated this vibrant group to form this unique company that seeks to offer visitors and locals a piece of the island that will ultimately transform into a lifelong memory.

Merdell McCabe got her first taste of the tourism sector operating the telephone switchboard during the nights at one of Jamaica’s premier north coast hotel of its time. She quickly progressed to another aspect of the industry venturing into ground transportation. Her venture into the transportation sector led to her being ‘head-hunted’ by a product buyer for one of the largest tour operators in Canada after observing how efficiently and professionally she dealt with her co-workers and visitors. Her natural instincts and flair to put people at ease made her one of this company’s most valuable assets at the time.


It was during her stint at Sunquest Vacations that she had developed a strong bond with the other members of the board (Arlene Lewis, Debbie Rowe & Marva Matheson). A love for the job and mutual respect were the seeds that fostered this unique friendship that has grown over the years, forming a sisterhood for these ladies. They have been through many stormy waters but their bond has led to a calm sea, a sea that is filled with knowledge and experiences that must be shared with visitors and locals alike. Partnering with tour operators and ground handlers, But Si Yah offers insured excursions to all the major attractions, night life and restaurants. Villa and room accommodations are also available at very competitive rates. Special arrangements are also available to the traveler who wants to just experience the “native” Jamaica, going off the beaten path and just spend some time eating crayfish by the river, eating Jackfruit in someone’s backyard or eating ‘cartwheel dumplings’ from a cocoa leaf on someone’s farm. Come and ‘Si Yah’ with us.