Montego Bay Night Life

Montego Bay Night Life and Entertainment

Blue Beat Jazz and Blues Bar - Gloucester Ave, Montego Bay · 876-952-4777

As the name implies, live and jazz and blues in an approprite setting. Martinis are the specialty. No web site.
A relative newcomer to the Montego Bay scene. Located next to Margueritaville.

El Compay Gallo - 37 Glouchester Ave., Montego Bay · 876-820-4161

This lively Cuban restaurant is situated on the "hip strip". This Cuban restaurant is also perhaps the friendliest bar in town…so much so that the bartender, who makes a truly fine mojito, will often join you for a drink (Lonely Planet). 876-531-0637

Fairfield Theatre - Fairfiled Rd., Montego Bay · 876-876-0182

The best in live theatre performances in Montego Bay. This local theatrical group produces a variety of shows.
Call for show days (shows always start at 8 pm); admission is a very reasonable JA $250 (approx $4-5 US) .

Margueritaville Sports Bar & Grill- Gloucester Ave, Montego Bay · 876-952-4777

With live music, bikini contests, and a 110-foot waterslide, Margueritaville Sports Bar & Grill epitomizes beach nightlife. Sports fans flock here to watch big games on the bar’s 15 televisions, and tropics lovers won’t have to search far to get to one of four open-air bars. If you haven’t already guessed, margaritas are the specialty of the house, but you can also get a decent fish sandwich or pizza here.

Montego Bay Yacht Club - Located on the Freeport Peninsula · 876-979-8262

Open from: 7:00 am to 12:00 pm.
Berthing facilities consist of a finger pier with a T-head. Water depth varies from 6 to 20 feet. Boats are berthed stern-to on either side using their own anchors. Boats may also anchor in the basin off the Club but there is a daily charge for use of the Club facilities.
Events include: The Pineapple Cup Montego Bay Race ("Mo Bay:") August 1 each year since 1961 and a yearly Marlin Tournament

Palace Multiplex Theatre - Fairview Shopping Centre, Montego Bay · 876-979 8359

Need something to do when it's raining? All the latest Hollywood productions are available. The theartre is a short cab ride from Montego Bay's "hip strip"

Pier 1 - Howard Cooke Blvd, Montego Bay · 876-952-2452

Pier 1 hosts the most happening party in Montego Bay on Friday night. Stuffed from the afternoon’s buffet, patrons await the horde of locals who come ready to dance the night away. Tropical drinks are the bar’s specialty, and several musical events that take place here draw more than 1,000 people. With an affinity for accomplished musicians and an admirable view of the bay, Pier 1 tops the list for exuberant nightlife.

Roses Bar - 39 Gloucester Ave, Miranda Hill, Montego Bay · 876-952 9391

This two-storey joint has a low-key bar with a pool table and a patio on the bottom floor. Upstairs is a disco that plays 'all styles' every night of the week.

Rum Jungle Cafe - 167 Gloucester Ave, Coral Cliff, Montego Bay · 876-952-4130

Decorated like an indoor jungle, this expansive restaurant in the Coral Cliff casino/hotel is casual and fun. Large buffets feature Caribbean dishes ranging from escovitch fish to jerk chicken, while the large bar pours from a selection of Caribbean and worldwide rums. Sunday brunch is popular.

Royal Stocks - Half Moon Shopping Village, Montego Bay · 876-953-9770

Dark wood and ceilings, a long wooden bar, and dark ales on tap can only mean one thing—you’ve found Montego Bay’s most authentic English pub. Brit owner Stephen Callaghan tried his best to bring a little of the home isle with him to Jamaica, and this popular hangout applauds his efforts. From beers and cocktails to darts and slot machines, Royal Stocks provides patrons with a true "neighborhood pub" feeling.

The Brewery - Gloucester Ave, Miranda Ridge Plaza, Montego Bay · 876-940-2433

Posing as a mild-mannered pub/restaurant during the day, The Brewery turns super-entertaining after dark with the sounds of Reggae seeping through the cracks in the wall. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday lead with live entertainment, and Tuesday and Friday welcome would-be-stars on the karaoke stage. These popular events usually draw a big crowd of locals and visitors who enjoy the dark pub décor, the outdoor patio and covered veranda, and lots of Red Stripe.

The Dome - Creek St., Montego Bay · 876 922 1287 (Jamaica National Heritage Trust)

This unusual structure is built over the mouth (originating point) of the bay creek. It is a sturdy building, and as the name implies, it is in the shape of a Dome - well, almost. There is a rounded roof, a door and white wooden louvres. The bottom has a number of oval openings, which are grilled. The yellow brick structure attracts attention because of its quaintness. The creek over which it is built provided much needed water during drought in the 1800's.

Voyage Bar & Grill - Gloucester Ave, at Aquasol Theme Park, Montego Bay · 876-979-9447

With open-air decks and plenty of frosty beverages to go around, Voyage Bar & Grill attracts a distinctly beach-going gang of patrons. Set just off of Walter Fletcher Beach, this nightlife destination keeps visitors close to the surf and the other action of the town. Of course, sports fans will hardly hear the waves or the music with over 40 televisions showing sporting events from around the world.

Witches Nightclub - Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort, Ironshore, Montego Bay · 876-953-2485

The Witches Nightclub at the Holiday Inn SunSpree is a nice option if you want to have an all-inclusive night on the town. If you’re not a guest of the hotel, you can pay a $50 cover to eat, drink, and dance all you want.